Issue 3/2011

Gurov V.S. — Economic education in innovative economy



Zimin A.A., Zimina O.N. — Business processes modeling matrix as the effective enterprise activity optimization mechanism

Abstract: Throughout all time of market economy development the enterprises had two primary goals: the first — to optimize business processes for effective aims achievement; the second — to create such product which would be in demand at target audience and completely would satisfy its requirements. Business process is a model, not the sequence of actions. Business modeling and a benchmarking can be used affectively together. Enterprise business processes models formation activity, including supervision and description of the effective mechanisms underlying outstanding achievements of any sort, is named as business processes modeling. Business processes modeling matrix allows to create effective model, spending the minimum quantity of resources, using the enterprise internal information and the external accessible information of the organization-donor.
Key words: business process, benchmarking, business modeling, business processes modeling, enterprise strategy, effective model

Stepnov I.M. — Organizational structure formation methods of industrial enterprise based on its transformation models

Abstract: The author’s treatment of organizational structures’ formation of the industrial enterprises on the basis of their transformation is presented in the paper. It is thus well-founded that the organizational structure should correspond with the strategy of the enterprise based on innovative potential usage (or potential of the surrounding environment).
Key words: organizational structure, industrial enterprise, innovative potential, enterprise strategy

Esakov M.M., Filatov Yu. A. — Componential analysis usage at anti-recessionary actions system development

Abstract: The economic cycle influences at enterprise development trends, both positive, and negative. As a result enterprise life cycle can violently stop or essentially deformed. In the present paper the research results of the componential analysis application possibility at the industrial enterprises anti-recessionary measures system development and realization are shown.
Key words: economic cycle, componential analysis, anti-recessionary management, life cycle, enterprise

Novoseltseva G.A., Itshenko M.M. — Industrial accounting

Abstract: The main influence at the enterprise management accounts place and role renders the purposes and problems vision company management. Management accounts should solve only current problems; its interrelation with the strategic management accounts carries out through system strategic indicators. The indicators system choice is defined by a type of the enterprise development strategy. The decision of management accounts allocation in a separate kind of the account depends on software applied at the enterprise and from contractor quantity.
Key words: industrial accounting, management accounts, strategic management accounts, software

Cheglakova S.G., Kostkina L.V., Vilkova G.S. — Rational expense strategy of the material expenditure with a view of “unappropriated profit” accumulation

Abstract: The article analyses the affect of expenses (material expenses and salary and wages) on producing the financial result. It is proved that there exists a necessity of the rational expenditure in order to secure the organization’s own source of funding, i.e. undistributed profit.
Key words: undistributed profit, the souses of funding, the kinds of expenses, remuneration found, labor productivity, material expenses

Konovalenko S.A., Efremenko P.A. — International accounting standard application in the modern financial accountability classification

Abstract: In article are considered reasons and premiseses of the origin international standard account and reporting, their economic contents, is offered modern categorization standard.
Key words: the International standards, financial reporting, accounting



Golev V.I., Erzileva A.A. — Regional industrial complex investment strategy

Abstract: In the paper the industrial complex investment strategy formation approaches on an example of the Ryazan region are considered, the regional industrial enterprises basic direction, problems and investment activity increasing goals on the basis of authorities and business interaction are resulted.
Key words: industrial complex, investment strategy, investment activity, industrial enterprise

Evdokimova E.N. — Management problems of regional level industry development

Abstract: The regional industrial complex development management basic problems (the region of the Russian Federation) of theory-methodological and administrative character are considered. The special attention is given to the organization-methodical questions of regional industrial production development strategic management maintenance in the form of the regional industrial policy as tool of the region territory industrial activity specificity reflection.
Key words: regional industrial complex, development management, strategic management

Itshenko M.M. — Decision-making methods in regional economic system

Abstract: In the paper the problems of social and economic regional development management strategy and effective decision-making, providing the regional economic growth increasing solution within the innovative economy limits on the basis of scientifically-proved and practice-focused approaches integration into regional management are considered.
Key words: management strategy, innovative economy, economic growth, regional management

Erzileva A.A. — Transport infrastructure influence research on the industrial enterprises’ functioning efficiency

Abstract: In the paper the transport economy development problems on an example of the Ryazan region are considered. The reasons of passenger traffic volume reduction, difficulties in public conveyances farepricing system and social tickets granting system are allocated. The emphasis is placed on transport infrastructure perfection necessity of the city as a component of social and economic development.
Key words: transport infrastructure, economic development, public conveyances, farepricing


Kovalchuk U.A., Morozov V.I. — Conceptual approaches to the industrial enterprise modernization management with an allowance for marketing competences

Abstract: In this paper the industrial enterprise modernization management approaches in the conditions of economic processes globalization are considered, the enterprise processes modernization essence and the maintenance are specified, the enterprise development management model on the basis of modernization as a movement trajectory to a industrial enterprise desirable current condition is offered.
Key words: industrial enterprise, modernization, economic processes, enterprise development, marketing competences

Cheglakov A.A. — The proved stocks oil of Near-Caspian region

Abstract: The article contains definition of oil reserves, precis of existing oil reserves classifications, as well as description of implemented measuring indicators of oil reserves. The author shows data of proved oil reserves of the Caspian region from different sources and analytical agencies in comparison with data of proved reserves of other key world oil provinces. The article also contains information about distribution of Caspian oil reserves among the countries involved in the region. In the end the author concludes that proved oil reserves of the Caspian region are comparable with that of other outstanding oil provinces, the region seems to have much potential in oil development that is proved with oil possible reserves data, given by different outstanding agencies.
Key words: oil reserves, proved reserves, possible reserves, probable reserves, barrel, on shore oilfields



Zimin A.A. — Integrated structures’ marketing support on the basis of outsourcing

Abstract: In the paper industrial enterprises’ integration directed on the competitiveness increasing of enterprises and territories are described. The problem of marketing maintenance of the integrated companies activity is considered, the variant of marketing function outsourcing as the decision is offered. Positive sides of marketing outsourcing usage are allocated.
Key words: industrial enterprise, marketing outsourcing, integrated companies, competitiveness increasing

Altinova N.V. — Functional competence and interfunctional integration of the mechanical engineering enterprises’ organizational structures as their competitiveness factors

Abstract: The various approaches to the machine-building branch enterprise organizational structure are considered. The detailed analysis of the reasons which have induced the Toyota Company to a choice operating organizational structure, history of its evolution, and also the factors influencing the further structure development — in particular, a principle of economical manufacture are resulted. Positive experience of the company, in particular, achievements in the field of parallel designing are considered. In a final part the conclusion about complexity of high-grade matrix organizational structure usage in the industrial company and necessity of the balanced approach application are made.
Key words: machine-building branch enterprise, economical manufacture organizational



Pushkareva M.B. — New approaches and methods in industrial production management (the review of foreign journals)