Issue 3/2015


Enterprises pricing policy in economic sanctions conditions
MATI – Moscow State Aviation Technological University, Moscow
Putyatinа L.M., Doctor of Economics, Professor
Tarasova N.V., PhD, Associate Professor
Kostin M.A.

Abstract: The article discusses the economic characteristics of the price policies of enterprises in the conditions of economic sanctions. The dynamics of indicators such as industrial production index, the index of consumer prices, producer price index, consumer confidence index is analysed. Authors discuss the various aspects required for import substitution in industry and its impact on the pricing policy of the Russian enterprises.
Key words: pricing, import substitution, industrial production index, the index of consumer prices, producer price index, consumer confidence index


Industrial policy as an economic transformation factor
Moscow State University of Lomonosov, Moscow
Rassadina A.K., Candidate of Economic Sciences

Abstract: Some questions dealing with the necessity and possibility of realization of industrial policy in the countries with transition economies, and challenges in the process of its implementation, are depicted in this article. These problems seem to be quite topical in the context of vital necessity of Russian economy transformation on the basis of structural reforms in the face of modern threats and challenges. Countries, which had succeeded in catching up with the “old” industrially advanced states, are those whose governments had initially promoted structural economic reforms, stimulating new business models and markets and directing resources into promising and new activity spheres. Development of Germany, the USA, Japan, who had managed to catch up with the more advanced industrial countries, such as UK and France, and relatively new examples of industrial transformation in East-Asian countries and — more recent — China — can serve as the evidence of this fact. In this article the author examines different approaches to the necessity and special mechanisms of industrial policy, basing on empirical data, illustrating effective industrial policy implementation in some foreign countries.
Key words: industrial policy, reindustrialization, diversification, business environment, protectionism, latent comparative advantages


Balance equations system for interconnected enterprises
MATI – Moscow State Aviation Technological University, Moscow
Romanov B.A., Ph.D., associate professor

Abstract: In article the balance equations system describing an enterprises group interconnection, output end production is offered. The balance equations of the enterprises which are output of several kinds of production are formulated on the basis of real enterprise representation in the form of set of the conditional enterprises, each of which output one product. It is shown that this system of the equations is generalization of «input-output» V. Leontev model.
Key words: industrial expenses, output, «input-output» model, factors of a factor cost


Strategic outsourcing map
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow
Sinyaev V.V., Doctor of Economic Sciences, associate professor

Abstract: The article shows the value of outsourcing strategic maps usage in order to improve key business results. In a logical sequence author reveals the SKA system document contents, the algorithm for its practical implementation with emphasis on value chain as a strategic route to achieving the company’s mission. Outsourcing strategy map in terms of understanding and agreement with the customer can improve the quality of management and financial stability of the company.
Key words: purpose, perspective, outsourcing, strategic map, modernization, company, competitive advantages, investments


Organizational-economic systems of infrastructure-complex production preparation conceptual bases formation
MATI – Moscow State Aviation Technological University, Moscow
Golov R.S., Doctor of Economics, Professor
Rozhdestvensky A.V., Doctor of Economics, Professor
Pushkareva M.B., PhD, Associate Professor
Milnik A.V., PhD, Associate Professor
Moscow Institute of State and Corporate Management (office Podolsk), Moscow
Agarkov A.P., Doctor of Economics, Professor

Abstract: The article is devoted to infrastructure-integrated pre-production systems formation increasing production technological preparation efficiency and reducing the implementation time. As a solution of the problem study authors developed a conceptual basis for building organizational-economic systems of infrastructure-integrated pre-production (OES IIPP).
Key words: pre-production, manufacturing plant, manufacturing process engineering




Management of the enterprise’s innovative-technological development
Russian University of Cooperation, Moscow
Dashkov L.P., Doctor of Economics, Professor
Kabardino-Balkarian State University. JM Berbekov, Nalchik
Zhankaziev A.H., Doctor of Economic Sciences

Abstract: The article substantiates the necessity of enterprise’s innovative-technological development, analyses the conditions and determine factors. The article describes the enterprise’s technical re-equipment strategic management stages.
Key words: innovation and technology development, enterprise, management, efficiency, factors




Small enterprise: conditions of the effective marketing activity
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow
Soldatova N.F., PhD, Associate Professor

Abstract: The author considers major factors of external and internal environment, providing the effective marketing activity of small enterprise. In article the major environment factors influencing the competitiveness of t he small enterprise are designated, but the question of new forms and methods of small business support in Russia in conditions of economic sanctions toughening raised more detailed.
Key words: forms and methods of state regulation and stimulations, financial support instruments, the innovative small business, effective marketing activity


Marketing in engineering services industry
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow
Balova S.L., PhD, Associate Professor

Abstract: In article questions the engineering services modern market development trends are considered. For engineering services promotion there is a need of carrying out systematic researches and knowledge accumulation, actually not only in the engineering services markets marketing sphere, but also in the sphere of applied and perspective technologies, know-how, engineering companies activity organization models.
Key words: engineering, engineering services market, high-tech engineering services


Targeting – promotional mechanism for the new products commercialization
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow
Sinyaeva I.M., Doctor of Economics, Professor

Abstract: In order to retain a leading position in the market and attract potential buyers commercial structures are forced to improve the quality management process in all stages of new product development and implementation. The key to new products commercial success is the intelligent advertising to consumers target audiences. Therefore, it is important to use targeting different types flexibly for the new products successful commercialization.
Key words: marketing, innovation, globalization, advertising, commercialization, targeting, product innovation, targeting types




The new requirements for quality management systems: the fifth version of standard ISO 9001
Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), Moscow
Karepin P.A., Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor

Abstract: The article features the importance of a standardized model of organization management. Key points of the new concert of quality management system in the new edition of the ISO 9001 standard are considered. Itemized analysis of the changes put into the project of the new version of the ISO 9001 standard in comparison with the 2008’s version is conducted and general conclusions are also made.
Key words: quality management system, ISO 9001 standard new edition project, requirements change




The development of additional professional education in the Russian regions
Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov
Susyev A.P., Candidate of Economic Sciences, Leading Researcher

Abstract: The article deals with current issues of control and regulation of the Additional Professional Education (DPO) of civil servants in the subjects of the Russian Federation. It is emphasized that the continuing education and professional development, as well as periodic training is a must-pass civil service for every civil servant. In this paper we detail the requirements for state civil servants and DPO factors, that are the basis for directing a civil servant to training program DPO. A significant part of the article is the analysis of existing practice to develop individual plans for professional development of civil servants and professional development of civil servants in the Russian regions, the basic documents on which the state order for civil servants DPO each subject of the Russian Federation is developed. In conclusion, the article analyses the basic legislative acts adopted in recent years in the field of regulating DPO of civil servants.
Key words: post-professional education, civil servants, individual professional development plans of civil servants, a program of professional development of civil servants subject of the Russian Federation, the state order or civil servants DPO


The development of additional professional education in the Russian regions
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow
Kuzmina E.E., Doctor of Economics, Professor

Abstract: The article considers the problem of assessing the quality of programs of additional professional education. The author suggests criteria that should be considered in assessing the quality of educational programmes implemented in the system of additional professional education.
Key words: additional professional education, quality assessment of educational programs, criteria for quality assessment, the problem of quality assessment




Marketing communications in social media influence on customers loyalty formation
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow
Slugina Yu.N.

Abstract: The article describes the results of marketing research of social networks, means of loyalty formation through marketing communication in social networks.
Key words: marketing communication, social networks, loyalty, target audience, effectiveness


Years of WTO: progress or regression to the field of agricultural machinery
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow
Samsonova T.S.

Abstract: The economic policy of Russia in agrarian and industrial complex branch means credits high rates, agriculture low subsidies, in comparison with the West countries, 40 % of the income of farmers in Europe are grants from the budget, in Russia grants make 1–3 % of the income of agricultural producers are from budget as our market is open for food import from abroad. Thus, it is necessary to start speaking about high competitive advantages of the Russian producers from economic policy.
Key words: WTO, agricultural mechanical engineering, equipment production, foreign producers