Issue 5/2012


Sterlyadev S.A., Denisov E.R. — Budgeting improvement for “transparent” business management

Abstract: Efficiency of use of system of budgeting and a method of its perfection for improvement of activity of the enterprise is investigated.
Key words: budgeting, planning, risk, administration

Martynov O.Yu. — Cost management methods analysis in the production of the science-intensive products

Abstract: Methods of definition of expenses for manufacture of a new product are considered. Necessity of application of forecasting of expenses is shown. The formula of an estimation of the cost price which considers expenses, terms of manufacturing and risks (the discounting rate) is offered.
Key words: management, management of expenses, the high technology production, a technique, forecasting, indicators

Kondrashov I.V., Chernishov V.N., Medvedeva G.M. — MES-system’s application at production modernization

Abstract: Encouraged by rich experience in manufacturing control of their enterprise the authors of the article spell out the main problems that arise in the course of modernizing the manufacturing process and analyze up-to-date methods of their solution on the bass of MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) application.
Key words: manufacturing, modernization, control, MES-systems

Kotov A.N. — Engineering management questions at branch research institute

Abstract: The article deals with a point of view towards the enterprise management style as it is seen by a branch search institute director. The information about necessary personal characteristics of a director is given, as well as recommendations concerning engineering management during design projects.
Key words: management style, organizational structure of management, engineering management, R&D management system, director’s code of behavior

Yunin I.Yu., Solomentsev Yu.M., Feofanov A.N. — Mobile portal generation for an enterprise organizational management

Abstract: Information portal is used in many companies, but its advantages are inaccessible if there is no computer. Many companies try a typical situation: an implementation of a process is brought to a stop due to head manager’s absence or being busy, though he is expected to make decision and thereby provide further business progression. Mobile portal allows promptly obtain consolidated analytic information on different areas of operation of the company.
Key words: mobile portal, company, activity



Belyaeva J.S., Belyaeva V.S., Gordeev G.D. — New paradigms of economic culture

Abstract: The presented article summarizes the proceedings of the fifth international scientific conference, organized by the International Business Department, Ural Yeltzin Federal University. The subject of the conference is related to the actual world economic problems and prospects, also with formation of new integration groups and the evolution of leaders of the world economy, new paradigms of corporate values and social responsibility of actors of the world economy.
Key words: world economic culture, corporate social responsibility, cross-cultural business environment, transnational corporations, evolution of regional international relations

Dubrovina N.A. — Structural factors of dynamics of Russian mechanical engineering modernization

Abstract: The necessity of technological modernization of mechanical engineering is proved. The maintenance modernization processes, the precondition, a condition and means of their realization is considered. The special attention is given the structurally-dynamic factors influencing transformation of branch.
Key words: mechanical engineering, innovations, material base, modernization, structurally-dynamic factors

Vinogradova E.E., Barakhov V.I., Kuznetsov V.P. — Corporation enterprises’ investment activity parameters researches using crediting as source of its financing

Abstract: Results of researches of the investment activity parameters of the corporation enterprises created on the basis of the defensive enterprise are given in the following work, in case of crediting use as source of its financing. Researches are carried out on an example of one of Production Association Tulamashzavod enterprises with application of the developed model of the commodity-money flows. The analysis of the received results allowed creating the optimum massif of investments financing parameters.
Key words: investment activity, defensive enterprise, crediting, investments financing, commodity-money flows

Bezdenezhnikh V.M. — Process approach in management as enterprise space corruption decreasing factor

Abstract: Enterprises management methods development on the basis of process models promotes business networks density growth in the Russian economy, strengthening the civilized enterprise space and reduces dependence on excessive administration, corruption and fraud.
Key words: network economy, shadow economy, economic safety, administrative doctrine management concept, management model, process approach



Fedorov V.K., Molostova Yu.M., Kislukha A.E. — New approaches in tactics of marketing strategy in special mechanical engineering

Abstract: The article considers new approaches to marketing tactics — viral marketing, open marketing simplified marketing, cloud approaches, and it shows their theoretical essence, contradictions, positive and negative qualities. It shows their impact on market transformation.
Key words: marketing tactics and strategy, benshmarking, corporate identity, open marketing, globalism, common market marketing, simplified marketing, cloud applications



Kuchaeva L.M., Nefedov V.A. — Ecology-economic aspects of production quality complex assessment regulation

Abstract: The modern methods of quality control (for example, the water supply system in Russia) are considered. Shows the inefficiency, wasteful and not domestic ergonomic models of complex product quality control. A new approach of the matrix product quality control (in the water system) for the optimized composition criteria.
Key words: product quality control, environmental and economic aspects, water treatment technology, water supply, social, ecological and economic effects

Tochilin O.V. — Features of information management at the aircraft industry enterprise

Abstract: In this paper features of organization information management and innovative projects management on new generation aviation complexes creation are considered. The analysis of the main components, sequence and the basic construction principles, advantage of the integrated control system (ISU) adoption on the Russian air enterprises are provided. ISU adoption will create preconditions for high-quality improvement of the company’s administrative activity planning and control process from the top and middle management; will provide due idea of company’s activity results to foreign partners and, thereby, will render a positive effect in the sphere of cooperation expansion with their enterprises and the organizations.
Key words: integrated control system, aviation complex, information management, industry enterprise, administrative activity planning and control process

Chursin A.A., Davidov V.A. — Economic-mathematical model of risks influence on competitiveness of the rocket-space industry branch enterprises

Abstract: In modern conditions when developing strategy of development of the space-rocket industry (SRI) there is a problem of macroeconomic forecasting and planning of financing of the space branch enterprises for the average and long-term periods. For receiving the maximum effect from invested funds and development of optimum SRI development strategy it is necessary to trace and supervise dynamics of the space branch enterprises’ competitiveness indicator, and also the risks inherent in the space branch enterprises functioning and development. In this paper the economic-mathematical model of risks influence on competitiveness of the rocket-space branch enterprises on the basis of modern mathematical tools is considered.
Key words: competitiveness, risks, development, innovations, rocket-space industry

Counterfeit in small-scale energy power industry: the branch will be rescued by only drastic measures

Abstract: From 8 to 20 % of the industrial equipment realized in sector of small power industry of Russia, is a counterfeit or falsification. This is data of experts. More often among production which quality is much lower, than it is declared in characteristics, or information on which producer doesn’t represent the facts, there are diesel generators. Meanwhile, exactly they are the main unit of the small-scale power plants providing emergency power supply of social sector. This was declared on April 5 at the press briefing which has taken place within the Moscow international power forum “The energy industry of Russia in the XXI century”.
Key words: industrial equipment, small power, counterfeit, diesel generators



Frolov V.A., Fedorov S.A. — New approaches to the higher education content

Abstract: The article is devoted to the problems education policy and to the questions connected with the transition of higher school to the two-level system of vocation training of scientifical and technical personnel.
Key words: third-generation Federal State Educational Standard, competency approach, bachelour degree, master degree, competence, guality of education


Pushkareva M.B. — New approaches and methods in industrial production management (the review of foreign journals)