Issue 6/2010


Agarkov A.P., Golikov A.M., Golikov S.A. — Industrial infrastructure perfection at the machine-building enterprise

Abstract: The paper is devoted to consideration of the question connected with industrial infrastructure perfection of the machine-building enterprise. Authors of article believe that at the machine-building enterprises the modern organizational-economic system of an industrial infrastructure effectively functioning as a part of infrastructure-complex preparation of manufacture should be generated.
Key words: infrastructure of manufacture, maintenance, repairs, service/operation, equipment operation

Nizker M.Y., Nizker E.M., Nikolaev V.A., Tairova I.B. — The dimension dynamics comparative analysis of industrial production

Abstract: In the paper the technique, allowing estimating the dimension dynamics comparative analysis of industrial production raters in relation to constant base of comparison on the basis of statistics operating system is offered. It gives the chance to carry out various king of the analysis. Qualitatively and quantitatively the area of the dimension dynamics comparative analysis of industrial production extends and the industrial production index advantages are fully used.
Key words: industrial production, analysis, manufacture, industrial production index



Golov R.S., Milnik A.V. — National innovative system formation prospects in the conditions of economy modernization

Abstract: Autors of the paper consider the questions, concerning national innovative system. The new system represents not set separated and diverse inherently the organizations and institutes, but a uniform economic and information organism in which all key processes are ordered and interconnected. Use at the heart methodology of formation of the given system of the theory of synergetic assumes development of NIS according to problems of effective integration of separate structures and the organizations, finally, allows to reach not only high synergetic effect, but also emergence effect.
Key words: innovations, synergetic, emergence effect, innovative system

Proskuryakov V.A. — Praksiologic bases of the dualistic analysis of innovative processes

Abstract: The article shows that the processes of innovation economy can be analyzed with praxeological methods. The arrival of the epoch of innovation economy is defined by a number of conditions including: a pronounced manifestation of the dualism of human activity associated with the means and the end products having both material and non-material nature; strengthened role of the moral factor in economic processes. A praxeological hyperboloid set in time flow can be used to model the transition from the industrial epoch to such of the innovation economy. In order to create technologies that are able to compete, innovation processes should seek to reduce the share of material resources and, correspondingly increase the share of intellectual resources used in production.
Key words: the epoch of innovation economy, praxeological hyperboloid, the dualism of human activity, resources and products, the dualism of infrastructure

Solovyeva I.P., Asaeva T.A., Obukhova I.A. — Invest-innovative potential management of enterprise activity subjects

Abstract: Authors of the paper undertake attempt to consider a management problem in invest-innovative potential of enterprise activity subjects in the field of industrial production. As a result of the conducted research number of the reasons which are making a negative impact on formation and use of the enterprises’ invest-innovative potential are revealed, and the measures directed on perfection of a control system by invest-innovative activity are offered. Researches were spent on the basis of the enterprises of the Ryazan region machine-building complex.
Key words: innovations, investments, invest-innovative potential, invest-invest-innovative activity management, innovation management

Gusakov B.I. — Investments efficiency estimation at the enterprise survival strategy realization

Abstract: In paper purely economic aspect of investment activity variant choice of is analyzed at survival strategy realization taking into account the size of the refinancing rate. The author suggests to make a definitive choice with Harvy-effeciency use. The author offers logic and graphic models of investment activity at the various rate of a payment for the credit.
Key words: investment activity, survival strategy, refinancing rate, efficiency



Shilyaev P.I. — Marketing quality management of scientific production in engineering industry

Abstract: It examines the issues of scientific inventions addressed at innovative machinery products development based on consumer value mass, standard and evaluation. The article contains the method of quantitive evaluation of semi-integral quality indicator based on consumer evaluation mark for the high tech machinery products.
Key words: marketing, management, consumer value standard, consumer value mass



Nazarov U.F., Ivanaiskyi A.V., Tochilin P.V., Sorokina I.V. — Economic efficiency of high technologies on an example of laser manufacture

Abstract: Cost efficiency estimate method for high science intensive laser processing is given.
Key words: high science intensive technology, laser processing, saving rate, design life cycle

Oleynik A.V., Stavrovsky M. Ye., Kuznetsova L.V., Nikolaev A.V., Glukhov A. Ye., Kuznetsov L. Yu. — The methodology of optimization of production processes of maintenance service and repair equipment at the enterprises OPK

Abstract: The making of structure functional model of production process is described. The operational estimation of resource volume of production process and the optimization of production processes are implemented by complex methodology is developed by authors. Instances of results getting at the application of developed software package for automation of production processes are given.
Key words: functional simulators, characters of production process TORO, data systems, ERP-systems



Kirillova E.A., Seregin A.M., Aleshin V.I. — The creative approach as the necessary competence of the modern high school lecturer

Abstract: Structural change aimed at teaching improvement in the educational system is considered. A concept of professional personality capacity of a teacher is given.
Key words: lecturer’s competence, creative strategy, personnel training



Pushkareva M.B. — Using of activity-based costing in management of organizations (the review of foreign journals)