Issue 6/2013


Rozhdestvensky A. V., Golov R. S. — Conceptual bases of military-industrial complex enterprises’ reengineering in context of industry modernization

Abstract: The article is devoted to the modernization of the military-industrial complex based on the reengineering of business processes. The main purpose of the modernization is to improve the socio-economic benefits through the implementation of innovative and investment activity. As a key approach to the reengineering of the authors developed a conceptual model for an integrated center of innovation and investment activities, implemented in the structure of the enterprise.
Key words: innovation, investment, innovation and investment, business process reengineering, the military-industrial complex

Pushkareva M. B. — Holarhy production systems’ architecture features in intellectual industrial production systems

Abstract: Heterogeneity of approaches, methods and requirements to intellectual industrial production systems demands united methodology creation. Usage of holarhy production systems could solve this problem and integrate various management paradigms into a whole, keeping thus advantages and individual traits of each.
Key words: holarhy production system, intellectual industrial production systems, management

Bogatyryov V. D., Yesipova O. V., Morozova S. A., Sitnikova A. Yu. — Project financing method when updating fixed assets of machine-building enterprise

Abstract: Developed the scheme of project financing, adapted for machine-building enterprise for that scheme the technique of calculating rents and dividends is proposed.
Key words: project finance, investor, project, assets, rent, dividends, project organization

Sakharov A. V. — Neural networks application of for business management forecasting

Abstract: The theme of prognosis and planning at a factory with the use of artificial neural networks is elucidated in this article. The theoretical possibility of prognosis is shown, and the example of practical use of this method is given.
Key words: forecasting, technical analysis, neural networks, business management, financial management

Agarkov A. P., Yerokhina E. A. — System and complex decisions in enterprise management

Abstract: Considered managerial decision making in the organization on a systematic basis.
Key words: system, effective managerial decision, comprehensive approach

Rodinova N. P. — Resource management optimization of machine-building enterprise

Abstract: The author of article considers possibilities of resource management optimization of machine-building enterprise and comes to the conclusion that the most effective is outsourcing usage.
Key words: resources, machine-building enterprise, outsourcing

Gorish A. V., Gorish E. A., Kirillov A. B., Makarov Yu. N., Ponomarev S. A. — To a question of enterprises’ joint management of various forms of ownership

Abstract: The structure of the main functions of the unitary branch enterprise collective management three-tier system collective bodies is given. The problem of commercial aspects implementation, which provides work motivation and engineering management efficiency is studied.
Key words: branch research institutes, boards, collective nature of management, organizational and legal property, conversion, mixed organizational and legal structure

Grishina T. G., Feofanov A. N. — Risk as uncertainty in decision-making

Abstract: Considered risk assessment in decision-making and on the stages of the project, as well as methods of risk management.
Key words: criterion, risk, management, methods of analysis


Fateev A. E. — Communication environment formation in the state — business system in industry restoration processes of the country

Abstract: The assessment of initial communication base of the social and economic tasks solution is given. The analysis of conditions, methods and means of domestic economy transition period is made. Some prime tactical decisions are provided in the organization of the new communication environment.
Key words: communication environment, social and economic tasks, state, economy

Obukhova I. A. — Efficiency assessment of innovative and investment projects

Abstract: In the following article the author offers a new mechanism for economic efficiency assessment accuracy. This mechanism is the mechanism of calculation of the individualized on time intervals project’s of the discounting rate including risk-free norm, inflationary award, risk award of external and internal environment of the project.
Key words: innovations, investments, efficiency, discounting rate

Volovikov B. P. — Innovative activity management efficiency increasing of the industrial enterprise

Abstract: Article is devoted to the innovative activity efficiency analysis of the industrial enterprise. The analysis of the enterprise innovative portfolio is provided in article, the method of innovative portfolio investment appeal increasing is offered. The organizational plan of innovations selection is submitted.
Key words: innovative portfolio, innovative project efficiency indicators, risks, innovative activity business process

Maslennikova N. P. — Innovative development as factor of organization’s competitiveness preservation

Abstract: The innovation development program should include 5 following innovation blocks: of the efficiency, of the evolution, disruptive, of the integration and social. That allows to forecast and plan the innovation development for the long term perspective and to increase the competitiveness of the organization.
Key words: innovation, organization, development program, competitiveness

Konovalov V. M., Prorokov A. N. — Measures for innovative activity stimulation in the European Union

Abstract: European countries for long time were oriented on conservative policy in the sphere of innovations. However, the success of USA and other countries forced to take measures in such area. The scientific-technical, innovation and educational activities become the priority tasks now for the countries of European Unity.
Key words: innovation, scientific-technical development, state subsidies, capital, small business


Bor V. N. — The structured goal focused indicators system and technique and efficiency and stability monitoring algorithm of small enterprise of services

Abstract: The author of article offered a technique and efficiency and stability monitoring algorithm of small enterprises of the services, providing activity results control of the enterprise and zones of mutually beneficial transactions, allows to expand possibilities of management with efficiency and stability of the enterprise of a services, solving problems of the best satisfaction of clients needs.
Key words: system of indicators, efficiency assessment algorithm, small enterprises, services


Kovkov D. V. — Technique of internal and external factors influence assessment on competitiveness of space-rocket branch at large projects implementation

Abstract: Тhe approaches on creation of a technique to assess the influence of internal and external factors on competitiveness of space-rocket industry while implementing various large projects are developed in the article. This technique has great practical value because it allows receiving quantitative estimates of industry competitiveness. Their comparison in dynamics for a few years as well as comparison with similar indicators of other industries in the state allows making a conclusion about dynamics and efficiency of state measures and various large projects.
Key words: internal and external factors, competitiveness, space-rocket industry, projects

Skhirtladze A. G., Feofanov A. N., Grishina T. G. — Modelling of expenses changing at mechanical engineering products production

Abstract: The paper deals with determining the costs in the manufacture of engineering products in different years they are in production. Shows the factors affecting costs, as well as models of change.
Key words: рroduct, engineering, manufacturing, costs, design, process, equipment


Pushkareva M. B. — Power saving features abroad (the review of foreign journals)