The “Ekonomika i upravlenie v mashinostroenii” is issued since 2008. It is  included into the list of the editions certified by RF Supreme Attestation Committee for the publication of competitors works of academic degrees by the SAC Presidium  of the RF Ministry of Education and Science, February 19, 2010.

The relevance of this journal publication aims to inform business leaders of the domestic engineering industry, the leading industry managers, academics, experts about important issues of governance and economic development of machine-building complex of Russia, about the methods and means of increasing its competitiveness and transition to innovative way of development. Analysis of the existing Russian economic periodical publications have revealed that the vast number of them light only general questions of economic theory and management without taking into account branch specifics of such key industries as mechanical engineering. This leads to the fact that the information about the most important achievements in this area can’t timely enrol to machinery and scientific environment. This ultimately reduces the efficiency of the industry and hinders scientific progress.

In turn, the number of editions reflecting the state of the industry and trends in the industrial economy, quite often making elements of misinformation in the real situation, as they are published by groups of authors, insufficiently competent of this sphere. Sometimes there is an impression that some editions exist for the sake of publication. This situation, without promoting the intellectual growth of experts has a negative impact on the implementation of a unified policy in the sphere of management and economy of the domestic industry through the media.

According to his organizers, journal ” Ekonomika i upravlenie v mashinostroenii ” launched during the global financial crisis, allowed to arm readers with objective and relevant information, so necessary in modern conditions, and also in a certain measure promoted professional association on the way of intellectual level preservation and development of  domestic engineering industry and the industry in general.

In this period, the editors of the journal publish mainly content that reflects the practical aspects of machine-building complex governance and economic development. Applied nature of most publications has greatly expanded our audience, a target group which consists of heads of the domestic manufacturing enterprises, leading industry economists and managers, scientists, representatives of profile government institutions.

Significantly the number of incoming articles increased, new authors appeared, their geography expanded. It allows to publish content about the latest domestic and foreign achievements of economics and management in engineering, which corresponds to the motto of the journal.

I am confident that the journal will continue to help the readers to navigate correctly in the modern economics and technology policy, to find optimal solutions for production development and the promotion of scientific and technological innovations.

Editorial office of the journal will be glad to each meeting with you as the reader, and the author of  papers of our edition.


Best regards,


Roman Golov