Guidelines for authors

1. Sent to the editorial office: the author’s original article (in Russian or English) contains the text in the rtf with information about the author (place of work, position, contact email address and telephone number), abstract and keywords in Russian and English languages, the list of references. Graphics, figures and tables should be signed and located in a separate source file; a cover letter requesting publication of the article, where the author(s) indicates that the rules of articles has read and accepts them; the expert Commission act (if the article contains information which may be included in the data list classified as State secret); to publish the scientific researches results of students, graduate students, undergraduates and job seekers the response signed and certified by the review and recommendation of the supervisor is obligatory. At the same time signed hard copies of the article and the above documents are sent by mail to the editorial office.

2. The text of the article is submitted in Word, with no hyphenation in words and layout. The filename must begin with the surname of the first (or first three) author (s) of the article).

3. The formula in the article should be typed in MathType. Formulas and tables must be numbered and be referenced in the text by the number, the table must have a heading

4. Each name in the list of references should be in accordance with the requirements of GOST 7.1 “Bibliographical description of document”. References in the text to sources are given in square brackets according to numbering in the list of references.

5. Figures should be prepared in the formats *.tiff,*.jpg, *.eps, *.ai with a resolution 600 dpi. Regardless of the figures in the text, they are sent to the editors each in a separate file in a graphical format. Files charts, figures and tables should be named as figure no, table no, etc. Greek characters, Cyrillic and dimensions on drawings and in the text are shown in normal font, position and Latin — in italics. Each figure should have a caption. Figures should be numbered, each of them must be referenced in the text.

6. After editing, the author receives by e-mail the article as a file in RTF format with the selected edit (Tools → Patch → Select hotfix → Record the correction) and in the same file, disabling these options, do your edit and another in response to the comments of the editor and then e-mail returns to the address of the sender (the editor version) this same file.

7. When corresponding with the editorial board and editors you must have proof of receiving the email. In the absence of confirmation, the sending should be retried.

8. Authors of published materials are responsible for the accuracy of facts, quotations, economic and statistical data, proper names, references to literature and other information. The point of view of editorial board may not coincide with opinion the authors of published materials.