Issue 1/2015


Economic development engineering in Russia: state, dynamics and the main vectors modernization
MATI – Moscow State Aviation Technological University, Moscow
Rozhdestvensky A. V., Doctor of Economics, professor
Golov R. S., Doctor of Economics, professor

Abstract: Article is devoted to the economic development of engineering in Russia, based on the analysis of statistical data on its key sub-sectors. The main purpose of the analysis is to determine the dynamics of its development and modernization of industry formation vectors that improve its socio-economic efficiency, innovation and investment, and human resources. As a sub-analysis were selected by the author automotive, major energy mechanical engineering and agricultural engineering.
Keywords: еngineering, enterprise, economic modernization, automation, training, innovation, investment, innovation and investment potential


About the working capital management in mechanical engineering
Russian State Vocational Pedagogical University, Ekaterinburg
Denisov A. D., Candidate of Economic Sciences, professor
Shaposhnikov V. A., Doctor of Economics, associate professor
Bondareva L. N., Candidate of Economic Sciences, professor
Ural Federal University. First President of Russia Boris Yeltsin, Ekaterinburg
Bazhenov I. A., Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor
Ural State Mining University, Yekaterinburg
Ivanov V. A.

Abstract: Reviewed the relevance of the problem of improving the management of working capital of enterprises in mechanical engineering. Argued the item that in the conditions of market economy the category of «current assets» changes their essential content and has signs of «working capital». Stated the reasonableness of the consideration process control current assets in the context of the management of the whole enterprise. Argued the item concerning the investment in the working.
Keywords: current assets, working capital, inventories, investment, economic agent, management, overstocked producer goods


Analysis of an enterprise’s economic potential
Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov, Moscow
Korovin A. V., Candidate of Economic Sciences, associate professor

Abstract: In his article, the author dwells upon methods of analysis and evaluation of an enterprise’s economic potential. Such an analysis is necessary when working out a general strategy for an enterprise as well as when making informed decisions on mergers and acquisitions, primary and secondary stock offerings, issue of bonds, formulating business plans and investment projects.
The author justifies using a comprehensive approach to analysis and evaluation of economic potential that requires evaluating production capacity as well as potential financial, economic, investment and other capabilities, and related risk analysis.
Keywords: economic analysis, financial potential, innovations


Calculation of the industrial enterprise profit taking into account sale pdoducts characteristics
MATI – Moscow State Aviation Technological University, Moscow
Romanov B. A., Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor

Abstract: In article the profit calculation algorithm at the industrial enterprise taking into account products sale characteristics with realization and payment of the realized production delays is offered. The output is calculated on the basis of indicators of the labour and material costs and limited number of employees, the capacity of warehouses for raw materials and finished products and the demand for implementation. Profit is defined as the difference between the income received from the sale of products and expenses, including taxes and mandatory social insurance contributions.
Keywords: production, income, expenses, profit, production expenses, labor expenses, taxes, realization delay, payment delay.


Differences between accounting costs on loans and borrowings in the russian and international financial reporting standards
Don State Agrarian University, Rostov region
Miroshnichenko T. А., Candidate of Economic Sciences, associate professor

Abstract: The article discusses the fundamental differences between accounting costs to service loans in accordance with Russian and international standards of accounting and reporting. The algorithm of formation and accounting of interest on received loans and borrowings in accordance with accounting standards and the statement of income on the temporary use of funds received.
Keywords: borrowing costs, investment asset, qualified asset, interest on loans, accounting borrowed funds


Advisory mediation for enterprise confl ict resolution in the economic crisis conditions
Consulting company “SPLAN”, Moscow
Sadovnikov E. E., Candidate of Technical Sciences
Shevchenko S. G., Candidate of Economic Sciences

Abstract: The relevance of the topic is due to the increasing importance of quick and successful enterprise conflicts resolution in the modern economic crisis conditions. It is shown that under acute complicated conflict conditions, it is advisable to involve Advisory intermediary consulting company, with the possibility, including, understand the business processes of a particular company.
The work purpose – to prove expansion and to specify functions of the consulting intermediary for efficiency increasing of and conflicts resolution efficiency at the enterprises.
Novelty of work is in further development of consulting mediation technology regarding inclusion of a stage of all enterprise management system expeditious diagnostics. Author offers «Express consulting» innovative administrative technology usage for the solution of this task.
As another new result author presents the rationale for the additional orientation individual consulting talks for intrapersonal conflicts resolving. The possible types of intrapersonal conflict in a situation of growing contradictions in the enterprise and the ways of their resolution are shown. Author proposes to focus on solving search problems (updates) the personal meaning of each of the parties to the conflict in the framework of participation in the activities of the whole enterprise on the existential-humanistic approach basis in individual counseling interviews.
Keywords: management, enterprise, conflict, crisis, consulting mediation, express consulting, individual consulting conversation, existential and humanistic approach


Modern methodological approaches to the calculation and analysis of machine-building enterprises
MATI – Moscow State Aviation Technological University, Moscow
Barsova T. N., Candidate of Economic Sciences, professor
Putyatina L. M., Doctor of Economics, professor
Lavrova L. A., associate professor

Abstract: The article discusses the main methodological approaches to the determination of the production capacity of their features. Discusses indicators and methods of calculation of the production capacity of the enterprise: in the physical dimension, in time of equipment operation in the valuation.
Keywords: production capacity, natural method of measuring production capacity, сalculation of the production capacity at the time of use of the equipment, valuation of determining the production capacity of the enterprise




Technological innovations in industrial enterprise strategic development system
MATI – Moscow State Aviation Technological University, Moscow
Bochkarevsv S. V.

Abstract: Need of carrying out the analysis of technological innovations usage at the industrial enterprise locates in this article. Innovative activity strategy of the enterprises is formulated. The main directions of the analysis and indicators in the sphere are considered. Also the strategic management scheme of industrial enterprise technological innovations is considered.
Keywords: technological innovation, strategic development, industry, enterprise, analysis


Fundamentals of evaluation methodology and criteria for the the best innovative projects selection
MATI – Moscow State Aviation Technological University, Moscow
Kashirin V. V., Doctor of Economics, professor
Grachev N. N., Candidate of Economic Sciences, associate professor
National research university ‘Higher school of economics’, Moscow
Tihonov G. V., Candidate of Technical Sciences, professor

Abstract: The authors offered methodological principles of principles of assessment and criteria for the selection of the best innovative projects in the innovative products market. With the emergence of a new expertise object: innovative projects, programs, educational practices – there is an urgent need to consider the initial position of the examination theory.
For the development and understanding of the innovation management and solutions tasks authors proposed to consider the General approach to the preparation of that part of the Toolkit, which is designed for multi-factor assessment of the single innovation project or complex scientific and technical programs feasibility aimed to new products and services creating on the existing or created (reconstructed) power engineering.
Keywords: innovation, expert activities, discounting, management, inflation




Energy consumption tendencies in world economy and Russia (review)
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow
Rusin V. N., Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor

Abstract: Energy consumption level is one of key factors of the country state. From the factors classification contributing to mitigate the impact economic sanctions on Russia, energy consumption level is selected.
Energy consumption sizes are revealed by world economy and Russia, tendency of decreasing by 55–60% of the specific energy consumption in the world by 2030–2035 is designated. It is proved that in these conditions Russia has the only way of development – diversify the non-oil sector of the economy.
Keywords: energy consumption, sanctions, classification, factors, economic, level, decrease, power alternative




Influence of the marketing environment and warehouse stocks on exchange trends
MATI – Moscow State Aviation Technological University, Moscow
Kameneva N. G., Doctor of Economics, professor

Abstract: This article discusses and analyzes the marketing environment and its impact on stock market trends: «bullish», «bearish» and «flat»; presents the life cycle of a trend (ICT) on lifetime and period of time, which actively affect the economic, financial and social sphere of life in all countries of the world. It shows the influence of warehouse stock inventory on price trends and management.
Keywords: marketing, market analysis, marketing environment, trend, stock market trends: «bullish», «bearish», «flat», the commodity, stocks


The concept of outsourcing services in the field of innovative mechanical engineering
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow
Sinyaev V. V., Doctor of Economics, associate professor

Abstract: In this article the economic expediency of outsourcing services usage in the sphere mechanical engineering are taken up. Noting importance of innovative policy in the sphere mechanical engineering, the author notes the content of outsourcing service with the purposes, tasks and principles allocation. Marking out advantages of outsourcing services in the field of mechanical engineering, the author visually illustrates outsourcing services scheme as organic symbiosis of outsourcer, customer and consumers target audiences interaction.
Keywords: market, service, outsourcing, insourcing, mechanical engineering, marketing, logistics, concept, innovations, principles


Consumer preferences research in the car services market
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow
Kolesnikova O. V., Candidate of Economic Sciences, associate professor
Rebrikova N. B.

Abstract: Research of the auto services market is presented in article. The consumers preferences in this market revealed during the conducted researches are considered.
Keywords: consumers, services, car service, customer, inquiry, investigation, advertising