Issue 2/2010


Agarkov A.P., Golikov A.M. — Improving the organization of production at an engineering company

Abstract: At present the enterprises should be established an institutional mechanism which carries out purposeful work to streamline communication and improve the coherence of all the works carried out in the field of production. The paper describes the step by step directions for the implementation of production reserves at an engineering company. We analyze the need to carry out systematic analysis before the introduction of practical action for the organization of production.
Key words: directions of reserves, system analysis, rationalization of production, organizational system

Burtsev V.V. — Methods to improve internal controls at the enterprise

Abstract: Improving the system of internal control — a continuous process of study and implementation of the most rational forms, methods and ways of its creation and development. In this work the main points of the commission of internal controls in the company: improved control of business segments, ranking of the risk categories, building databases, etc. Emphasized the efficacy of internal control with a combination of rigid and flexible planning of the organization, which will help avoid the consequences of costly mistakes.
Key words: segment of business, comprehensive control, risk category, budgeting, security

Baldin K.V. — Concepts are effectively the development of production at risk

Abstract: In domestic science actively develops new direction — risk-management. Distinctive feature risk-management is orientation at decision problems Russia’s economy. Article analyzed key moments defining concept effective management development production in conditions risk. Commonsense truth principles Riskologie, its historical foundation.
Key words: reducing investment risk, riskologie, managing the development of production

Dobrinsky E.S., Sein V.A. — Regional policy of public-private partnerships in the context of a systemic crisis Russia’s car industry

Abstract: The article presents data that illustrate the state of the production of automotive engineering in 2008 and 2009. The conditions of formation of automobile clusters in several industrial regions. An assessment is potential and investment attraction of companies in selected areas of Russia.
Key words: automotive industry, systemic crisis, automotive clusters, regions, investment



Kashirin V.V. — Economic growth in Russia’s industry and trends of innovative development

Abstract: The article analyzes the situation in Russia’s industry over the last decade. Describe wear funds industry, its causes and consequences. Attention is paid to the innovation process going on in Russia. The necessity of enhancing the role of the state in the economy.
Key words: growth trends, status of production and technological base, innovation, modernization of the economy

Fateev A.E. — Business opportunities of research and production structures of innovation professionals in the new economic environment

Abstract: Level of scientific and industrially-economic development of the country depends on an overall performance of the concrete structures which productivity of work depends on control system functioning. The author of article concerns questions of the organization scientific and productions in a real situation, with a view of successful adaptation of the domestic enterprises to the new economic environment.
Key words: innovative environment, productive processes, scientific and production structures, industrially-economic development

Tochilin O.V. — Peculiarities of innovative and investment activities of enterprises of aviation industiy

Abstract: Methods of job which tackles the financial and economic efficiency evaluation of the innovative investment plan on designing and manufacturing of aeronautical engineering of new generation are considered.
Key words: innovative investment designing, business plan, financial and economic efficiency evaluation



Volochienko V.A. — Organization of implementation of operational plans for production based on recognition of problem situations

Abstract: As a result of action of external and internal controllable and uncontrollable indignations in manufacture there are the problem situations demanding decision-making on elimination of results of action of indignations, and in case of need — on modification of operating plans, schedules of work of industrial divisions. The author offers use of specialized system of recognition of problem industrial situations.
Key words: manufacture, problem situations, indignations, operating plans, industrial divisions

Dzotsenidze T.D. — Production-logistic complex to manufacture small-size farming transport facility

Abstract: The basic parameters by which we can estimate the initial state of the innovative capacity of enterprises and the efficacy of the investment project. The method evaluation of the effectiveness of innovative projects based on generalized universal indicators (factors of time, the benefits and risks). The problems of defining the configuration and the outline of the main and auxiliary facilities of industrial and logistics complex.
Key words: investment, logistics, manufacturing, human factors



Myl’nik V.V. — The dialectics of development and application of cybernetics and synergetics in industrial production

Abstract: This article describes the basic tools and methods of cybernetics and synergetics in the management of industrial enterprise. Revealed problems in the context of Sciences of the modern economy. The possibility of modeling of global economic processes by means of synergetic and cybernetics.
Key words: innovation and investment computer science, automation, synergetics

Feofanov A.N., Karasev K.S. — Integrated automation company

Abstract: It is established that implementation of ERP system and CAD/CAM/CAE-systems simultaneously favours products upgrading, reduction of production period and wage fund, proper management and accurate information storage.
Key words: workflow automation, flexible production complexes, planning systems

Ryzhova V.V. — Features of the application of value analysis at the enterprises of mechanical engineering

Abstract: There is currently a low scientific and technological level of mechanical engineering in Russia, in connection with this work considers the main directions of modernization of engineering plants. An example of the method of improving the competitiveness of products — Functional-cost analysis, uncovers its basic principles and features practical application.
Key words: mechanical engineering, technological upgrading, value analysis, regulatory factor



Davydova O.V. — Effect of level of professional intelligence on human capital

Abstract: Special features of the up-to-date methods of training students of the higher educational institutes are considered. Practice of intensive training enabling knowledge accumulation, “human capital” increase and, of course, production profitability rise is offered.
Key words: teaching intensity, advanced training, vocational intellect, business game, “human capital”

llyaschenko D.P., Krampit N. Yu. — Organization of industrial practice of students in integrated education system

Abstract: The article presents the experience of industrial practice of students specialty “Equipment and technology of welding production in Yurginski Technological Institute of Tomsk Polytechnic University, where feature learning is an integrated system. Students simultaneously receive classroom training in educational institutions and industrial and practical training directly to the organizations and enterprises of the city.
Key words: production practices, especially education, training, integration



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