Issue 4/2010


Volkova G.D., Novosiolova O.V. — Study of teh machine building plant management loop

Abstract: A procedure and development of the organizational and functional arrangement at a machine-building plant are described. The plant’s operation model is built, the formation of which allows for registering in normative documents experience and knowledge systematized in accordance with specified rules and forms.
Key words: machine-building plant, control model, intelligent and information systems

Jamae E.V., Aktov V.V. — Organizational and Economic Mechanism of the formation programs of the aircraft production

Abstract: The article problems are considered with respect to the production of scientific-technical products in the aviation Russia industry. Asserts some of improvement financial system in the way of use more adequate methods, aimed at define the prior and prospective lines of scientific research and increasing effectiveness of investments in the field of scientific-technical production.
Kew words: financial system, aviation Russia industry, effectiveness of investments

Kalachanov V.D., Semenova T.P. — Introduction of information systems in the organization of production of Aviation in Radiocomplex

Abstract: The article is considered some questions about effective providing the corporate information system in the radio electronic industrial enterprises. Authors are working out the method to effective choose the ERP-systems. You may be introduced a full range of services that help radio electronic industrial enterprises successfully develop, develop, deploy and manage corporate information ERP-system.
Key words: corporate information systems, business process

Ismagilova L.A., Gileva T.A. — Management of intangible resources engineering enterprise: principles and instruments

Abstract: A methodological approach to non-material resources management at machine-building plant is suggested which is based on using competence of an enterprise as a special type of resource. Instrument enabling implementation of the suggested approach to the non-material resource management is developed.
Key words: competence of an enterprise, non-material resource, complex directed management, practical approbation



Astaf’eva N.V. — Priorities of innovative development of enterprises in the modern economy

Abstract: Deepening of the theoretical approaches including innovations in number of factors ekonomicheskogo of growth and development, leads to necessity of working out of teoretico-methodological bases of innovative development of the enterprises, including the mashinobuilding branch, characterizing laws not only modern this-pas, but also process of economic development as a whole. Principal factor determining the possibilities of the innovation development of any economic system, is educational network which plays active role in growth process innovation activity of managing subjects.
Key word: innovations, development, preparation spe-tsialistov, a higher educational institution, cooperation, regional innovative system

Ivanus’ S.S., Aniskin Yu. P. —The economic model of the permissible proportions of sustainable innovation development

Abstract: This article proposes an approach to building the economic model for determining the allowable proportions of sustainable innovative development of the enterprise. The economic model makes it possible to determine the acceptable level of product updates, while maintaining the minimum required level of financial sustainability of the enterprise. The algorithm model uses rational economic relations and proportions between the current production activity and innovation.
Key words: economic model, innovative development companies, the level of product innovation, sound economic relations


Krasovskii G.V., Zakshevskaya N.N. — Methods of dynamic pricing for high-tech engineering

Abstract: An approach to the formation competitive prices for high-tech engineering, which takes into consideration the dynamic factors of pricing, and developed a complex method of pricing, which implements the proposed approach.
Key words: dynamic pricing, pricing methods, pricing factors, high-tech engineering

Jirov A.S., Nazarov V.A. — Prospects for Russia to increase participation in the global energy

Abstract: Article is concerned with the definition of the basic tendencies in power branch as to Russia, and the world as a whole; illumination of the basic measures accepted for development of branch and the decision of problems of power safety; importance of a problem of power safety and necessity of searching decisions.
Key words: thermal power station, power safety, power policy, energy resources, power branch, producing industry, electric energy, atomic energy, renewed energy sources, a competition, competitiveness, research and development, innovations

Dobrinskii E.S., Sein V.A. — Measures of state automobile manufacturers in Russia and Western Europe in terms of a systemic crisis

Abstract: The question connected with the reasons of industrial and financial and economic crisis of the Russian car industry are considered. Offers on realization of long-term and operative measures of the state support and stabilisation of work of the Russian car industry are presented. The data illustrating positive experience of car markets of Western Europe on stabilisation of the industry are cited.
Key word: state support, cars, the markets, motor-car manufacturers, economy



Neprintseva E.V., Shubin S.A. — General principles of the analysis of the effectiveness of vertically integrated structures

Abstract: This article discusses the basic principles of analyzing the effectiveness of vertically integrated structures, providing an opportunity to assess the feasibility of formatting the new company and to identify the optimal composition of participants, allowing to realize the benefits of vertical integration.
Key words: vertical integration, efficiency, effectiveness analysis

Rogov V.A., Dzhuburi A.H. Al. — Model of the automated control of the competitiveness of products of mechanical engineering

Abstract: Definition of concept of competitiveness with the analysis of option of various researchers, and its importance now. The analysis of the mechanism of formation of competitiveness of manufacture. Research of advantage and inconvenience of mathematical modeling of competitiveness.
Key words: competitiveness, parameters, modeling



Tibabisheva L.A., Tibabishev A.Y., Kondratieva E.V. — Information infrastructure trainin system adapted to the development program of machine-building enterprises

Abstract: Using the opportunities of information technologies in training, coordinated with the program of development of the enterprises of machine-building production, has created an information infrastructure that includes an information portal that provides service, consulting and information support, processing and storage of databases of methodological content of electronic educational resources (ESM), the management an electronic distance learning, electronic library.
Key words: information technology, training, system of electronic distance learning

Sukhov S.V., Suslova N.V. — The quality of specialist training as a factor in the competitiveness of high school

Abstract: In given article to studying of competitiveness of educational service it is offered to apply the analysis of the external and internal environment of university. Consideration of concept of quality of education of university graduate, as reflexions of requirements of target consumers and a labour market is resulted. Competitiveness of the university graduate is presented as the multifactorial model which realisation influences level of competitiveness of university as a whole.
Key words: competition, quality of university education, competitiveness of university, labour market, the competitive of the university graduate



Makovetskaya О. С., Bernadskii V.N. — Industry in contemporary China

Abstract: Economic analysis of the Chinese state-of-art and development forecast of the welding materials and equipment industrial production, of the welding engineering markets, which allow estimating general level of the modern Chinese welding production and trading are covered.
Key words: China, economics, welding production, welding engineering markets, welding materials, welding equipment

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