Issue 5/2011


Mityushkin R.A. – Mechanism of structural distribution of elements of enterprise’s balance for management of circulating capital by stability criterion

Abstract: Mechanism of structural distribution of favorable and unfavorable elements of balance is suggested for maintenance of financial stability of enterprise. The monitoring control system which provides balanced policy plan is developed for enterprises with permissible stability.
Key words: balance, enterprise, financial stability, resources

Klochkov V.V., Tsiklis B.E. — Strategic development management of aviation propulsion engineering industrial potential

Abstract: In this paper the problems of strategic development management of aviation propulsion engineering enterprises’ industrial potential are considered. The organizational-economic mechanisms providing enterprises’ modernization efficiency for realization of sub industry innovative development strategy are offered. The basic types of system contradictions between various criteria of industrial potential development are considered, and the ways of their permission are offered.
Key words: technical reequipment, economic efficiency, strategic planning

Prilutskaya M.A., Ulitin V.G. — Organizational-economic mechanism of high technology and hi-tech enterprises’ activity

Abstract: The article is about the problems concerning with the development and organization in innovative and science structures; it is also allows the criteria to define the concept and status of high-tech enterprise.
Key words: high-tech enterprise, innovation, the mechanism of economic-organizing, the problems of economic development

Mandrykin A.V. — Formation bases of enterprise’s risks control system

Abstract: The approach to construction of an effective sis-theme of risk-management of the enterprise on the basis of complex integration processes with use of a modern information technology is considered.
Key words: risk-management, information technology, ERP-systems

Kotljarov I.D. — Intercompany cooperation on the outsourcing basis

Abstract: The present paper contains an analysis of criteria of differentiation between outsourcing and other forms of cooperation. Distinctive features of outsourcing are put in evidence. A classification of types of outsourcing based on their economical nature is proposed. A method of evaluation of effectiveness of outsourcing is described. Some amendments were made to outsourcing terminology.
Key words: outsourcing, types of outsourcing, types of interaction between companies

Bor V.N. — Classification of the factors defining efficiency and stability of nonmaterial small-scale enterprise in the economic crisis conditions

Abstract: In the article the improved classification of the factors defining efficiency and stability of nonmaterial small-scale enterprise in the economic crisis conditions is resulted, the basic features of the given classification are revealed.
Key words: efficiency, nonmaterial small-scale enterprise, economic crisis

Gut S.P., Yakovleva A.O., Gorshkova E.N. — Production management in engineering by introducing methods of controlling

Abstract: In article proposed the concept of management of financial-economic processes and results of business aviation by applying methods of controlling and implementing corporate information systems. The features of the service of controlling for the aircraft engines production characteristics.
Key words: mechanical engineering, aircraft engines, controlling, information systems

Davidova O.V. — Restructing as one of ways to ensure economic stability of enterprise in the conditions of Russian market

Abstract: In the conditions of Russia’s astable environment the economic stability problem of any managing subject gets essential practical value. However in methodological aspect the category of economic stability is poorly developed and its applied value is insufficiently realized.
Key words: criteria, reorganization, development dynamics, managing subject



Gusov T.M., Baranov V.V. — Choice of technopolis enterprise rational innovative strategy

Abstract: In the following paper the choice mechanism of an innovative strategy rational variant of the technopark enterprise at the concrete example is considered. The author considers various alternatives at a choice of a definitive innovative organization strategy variant.
Key words: innovative strategy, technopark, organization, choice mechanism

Pavlova A.V. — Corporate social responsibility as the investments attraction factor into industrial organization modernization

Abstract: Article assesses the impact of corporate social responsibility in investment risks and the capitalization of the organization, as well as its influence on the process of attracting investment in innovation and technological upgrading of industrial organization.
Key words: corporate social responsibility, investment risks, innovation and technological modernization, capitalization


Perekalina N.S., Rozhkov I.V., Kazakov S.P. — Modern marketing and economy modernization

Abstract: The article observes the key materials of Pan-Russian scientific and practical conference hosted by GOU VPO MATI-Russian Aviation Technological University named after K.E. Tsiolkovski. The conference was dedicated to issues of Russian marketing national model development in terms of economy modernization. The following topics were discussed during the forum and round-table sessions including the specifics and terms of development of marketing in modern Russia, marketing education programs improvement in technical universities, the possibilities of economical and technical education unification and coherence within the framework of technical and economical scientific schools at MATI-RGTU named after K.E. Tsiolovski.
Key words: marketing, economy modernization, economical and technical educationimification, applied and innovation marketing, marketing information systems


Sergeev A.A. — Competitiveness of the machine-building branch enterprises in crisis

Abstract: The author analyzes the principal causes of competitiveness decrease of mechanical engineering products during the crisis and underlines the importance of investments for development of innovations. In the article emphasis is placed on the weakening pace of development of mechanical engineering in comparison with a growth rate of extraction of raw materials. The author draws attention to the structure of the Russian economy and caused distortions in the development of industries, identifies the main ways of improving the competitiveness of the industry based on conversion of mechanical, engineering in a competitive, hi-tech and receptive to innovations complex.
Key words: mechanical engineering, competitiveness, investments, conversion of mechanical engineering, development, extraction of raw materials, decrease in production


Zvonnikov V.I. — Features of introduction of new educational standards in the conditions of level personnel training

Abstract: Features of introduction of new educational standards in the conditions of level personnel training in institutes of higher education are considered.
Key words: institute of higher education, subdepartment of a university, standards, modular system


Pushkareva M.B. — Modern control systems usage at the industrial enterprises (the review of foreign journals)