Issue 6/2009


Arseneva N.V. — Basic problems of the machine-building complex enterprises at the present stage and perspective ways of their decision

Abstract: The paper is devoted to analysis of the present stage of development of the machine-building enterprises which are letting out the big spectrum of production, claimed both in our country, and in the world market. A number of problems, actual for enterprises, such as: creation and development of new samples of techniques and technologies, modernization and updating of existing capacities under new manufactures, increase of a technological level and quality of production of mechanical engineering etc. the complex of the actions, allowing to raise efficiency of their industrial activity also is offered.
Key words: machine-building complex, efficiency increasing, industrial activity, basic problems

Pavluchkov S.E., Rubtsov E.A., Shilov V.V. — Integrated information systems as a tool for solving production tasks

Abstract: Some tasks are viewed in this article, which appear during production business management process execution. Possible solutions based on information systems usage are described.
Key words: integrated information systems, manufacturing management, manufacturing resource planning, manufacturing accounting

Nikandrova L.K., Nikandrov K.L. — Features of the management accounts organization

Abstract: Main objective of the majority of the enterprises is efficiency increase is industrial-economic activities that demands essential increase of efficiency in reception of the information, its processing and use in acceptance of management decisions. In paper features of the organization of system of the management account for achievement of the purposes of the organization are considered.
Key words: management accounts, efficiency increasing, management decisions, system organization

Kalachanov V.D., Aktov V.V. — The integrated financial condition estimation of scientific and technical production mechanical engineering manufacture in the modern economic conditions (on an example of the aviation industry)

Abstract: The articles deal with the method of determination of optimum firm liquidity in the aviation branch. The base of the method is the different approach of the estimation. In the article is suggested the main indicators of financial analysis of aviation enterprises.
Key words: financial analysis, firm liquidity, firm solvency



Kashirin V.V., Oreshin V.P. — Enterprise innovative development strategy

Abstract: Classification of innovations is spent, the analysis of types of innovative behavior of the enterprises is resulted. The attention is given questions of practical working out and realization of innovative strategy of the industrial enterprise.
Key words: innovations, innovative strategy, innovative product, innovative strategy realization, innovative

Ezhov G.P. — Choice of the enterprise development strategy in the conditions of innovative policy realization

Abstract: Now investments into innovations are rather expensive and demand careful planning at realization of an innovative policy at the enterprise. Strategic planning in this case represents to operating structure of the enterprise a wide spectrum of tools and methods for working out of the most effective approaches and algorithms at investment to the newest and high technology kinds of production.
Key words: innovative policy, industry, innovative economy, development strategy



Khafisova A.M., Kaukov V.V. — Questions of business efficiency management

Abstract: Now perfection of strategy of the corporate governance becomes a key strategic problem of development and ability to live of the oil-extracting enterprises. Owing to that almost all extensive ways of perfection are settled, unique way of a survival in competitive struggle there are intensive ways of management improvement.
Key words: business efficiency management, oil-extracting enterprises, competitive struggle, management improvement

Rotshina O.E., Shalaev K.V. —The effective cooperation organization with suppliers at the industrial enterprise

Abstract: Authors of paper consider techniques of effective interaction with suppliers at the industrial enterprise. Considering basic value of economic development of the enterprise and escalating requirements of end users, it is necessary to lead well-founded selection of indicators-criteria and to choose the most significant for the enterprise methods of an estimation of suppliers.
Key words: effective cooperation organization, suppliers, industrial enterprise, selection of indicators-criteria



Dobrinskii E.S., Sein V.A., Suslov A.A. — Boundaries of the Russian car industry in crisis year

Abstract: The data illustrating results of work of the enterprises of the Russian car industry on sectors in the first half of the year of 2009 crisis years is cited. The forecast of development of the Russian motor industry in crisis 2009 is given. Dynamics of transformation of a motor pool of Russia on operation is considered.
Key words: financial-economical crisis, car industry, motor pool, development forecast

Potapova G.S. —World machine-tool construction in a crisis threshold: results of 2008

Abstract: An analytical survey of the world machine-tool industry development analysis in 2008 by examples of European and Asian Pacific countries is given. Statistics by volume of the metalworking equipment production, the world export and import structure, trade balance as well as pattern of production consumption is covered.
Key words: world machine-tool industry, crisis, decline in output growth rate, export, import, balance



Popov V.V., Privalova J.A. — Social partnership and municipal labour market formation

Abstract: Authors of paper prove that the imperative need of reduction of requirements of the enterprises has ripened aspirations of youth and possibility of educational institutions in conformity with modern requirements of formation of a labour market. Marketing of educational services became one of positive changes in vocational training sphere, has demanded reorientation of its purposes with abstract “requirements of a society” on priority satisfaction of a concrete labour market, and consequently, and interests of the person which gets a job also means of subsistence.
Key words: social partnership, labour market, market formation, educational services marketing



Pushkareva M.B. — New in approaches and methods of production and sale management (the review of foreign journals)