Reviewing order of the articles

1. All scientific articles submitted to the journal ” Ekonomika i upravlenie v mashinostroenii ” (further – the Journal) must be reviewed.
2. The Journal carries out reviewing of all content coming to edition corresponding to its subject for the purpose of their expert assessment. All reviewers are recognized specialists in subject of the reviewed content and have publications on subject of the reviewed article within the last 3 years. The reviews are kept by the publishing house and the editorial office for 5 years.
3. The Editor-in-Chief determines the article to the Journal’s profile, the requirements for registration and sends it to the reviewing expert.
4. Reviewing is performed by one of the Journal’s editorial board members, who has the closest to the topic scientific specialization. The editorial board has the right to engage external reviewers, including practitioners having recognized authority and working in the field of knowledge to which the content of the article belong.
5. Reviews are discussed by the editorial board and form the basis for acceptance or a rejection of manuscripts.
6. Reviewing time in each case is determined by the Executive Secretary of the Journal with the creation of conditions for maximum rapid articles publication.
7. The review addresses the following issues: the content conformity of the topic declared in the article to the title, the theme relevance; the scientific novelty of the provisions contained in the article; the theoretical and applied value of the research results; quality of references study (list of references), appropriateness of tables placement, illustrations and their compliance with the stated topic; the quality of the article (style, terminology, language); positive aspects and shortcomings of the article and recommendations for about corrections of inaccuracies and mistakes made by the author.
8. The final part of the review contains valid conclusions about the article in general and the recommendations about expediency of its publication, publications taking into account the correction of deficiencies noted or reasoned refusal to publish the article.
9. The review issued in print and electronic media; must be signed by the reviewer and stamped by the institution at the place of work of the reviewer.
10. If the review contains recommendations about correction and revision of the article, the author will receive the review with a proposal to take them into consideration when preparing a new version of the article or arguments (partially or completely) to refute them. The modified (revised) article is resubmitted for review.
11. The article which is not recommended by reviewer for publication, is not accepted to be re-reviewed. Text of negative review is sent to the author by e-mail, fax or regular mail.
12. In a month after receiving the article, the editorial board informs the author about the review results and the article publication time.
13. Editorial board sends to the presented content authors’ the reviews copy or motivated refusal.The Editorial Board send copies of the review to the RF Ministry of Education and Science after a corresponding inquiry