Issue 2/2014 (Special Issue)


Conceptual bases of strategic marketing planning in innovative and investment activity management of the industrial organizations
Russian State Technological University
R.S. Golov,
A.V. Rozhdestvensky,
A.V. Mylnik,
M.B. Pushkareva,
Moscow Institute of state and corporate management
A.P. Agarkov

Abstract: The article is devoted to the problems and challenges of strategic marketing planning within the innovation and investment projects and raises questions structure the marketing strategy, marketing research cycle, the relationship of strategic planning and market research. The authors developed a classification of marketing strategies by market maturity.
Key words: marketing, marketing research, strategic planning, marketing strategy, innovation and investment activities


The future of the department: convergent marketing
Russian State Technological University
N.S. Perekalina,
S.P. Kazakov,
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
I.V. Rozhkov

Abstract: The article deals with convergence as one of the directions of development of the Russian marketing education. The article examines the historical and economic background of convergent marketing. The paper analyzes the essence of convergent marketing ithin the paradigm of rate of use value and its application in the educational process of the Marketing department in MATI.
Key words: marketing, convergence, rate of use-value, convergent marketing.


Mechanizms and instruments of marketing
International Slavic Institute
Smirnoff K.,
Nikitina T.

Abstract: Revealed new policy named as 5 P – policy of possibilities – has been elaborated by the authors. In the article classical 4 policies are anew considered and evaluated as well as it has been shown their insufficiency from the point of view of production due to their market and consumer orientation. Marketing structure is regarded as the total amount of policies being marketing elements. Marketing instruments are represented in the article as a set of operations such as advertisement and advocacy within the framework of the Promotion policy and so on.
Key words: Marketing instruments, marketing structure, policy of possibilities, ensuring of competitiveness, reduction of expenditures, control of material resources optimization of organizational structure of a company.


Convergence and interactivity of the modern information flows as marketing resourses
I.V. Maruseva

Abstract: In article are considered the ways and senses of moral movement of business andmarketing to the consumer in today’s media content.
Key words: convergence of mass media, interactive advertising, business, ethics, adaptation to the consumer, culture of the society.


Counteraction against public benefits unpaid consumption in the light of economy modernization
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
O.E. Pyrkina,
A. Yu. Yudanov

Abstract: The curtailment of public goods unpaid consumption (PGUC) is a problem of paramount importance in effective economy creating. The phenomenon of PGUC, well known in the world scientific literature as a “free rider problem”, usially is considered as an unsolvable problem. This paper suggests an idea of specific solution for an important particular case, when economic interests of “free rider” immediate environment are infringed. We consider the mathematical model on the base of Markov chain with a single absorbing state to describe the effect of PGUC local resistance. The convergence to a stable Markov chain final distribution is observed. The system is demonstrated to be self-adjustable throw the force of economic levers, which presents much more effective control system than application of administrative measures of restriction.
Key words: Public goods, free rider problem, actively involved surroundings of free rider, Markov chain, absorbing state, self-adjusting system.


Marketing development of tax relations as a factor of increasing the activity of innovative production
The Vladimir branch of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
T.A. Iskyanderova,
I.N. Novokupova

Abstract: The article deals with analyses of the results of Russian innovative production, estimates the tax system of innovative activity in Russia and abroad, proposes the necessity of bringing the tax legislation to the requirements of the innovations market and marketing development of tax relations at all stages of the innovation cycle as a factor of increasing the Russian innovative production activity.
Key words: marketing of tax relations, innovations, innovative production activity, innovations commercialization.


The evolution of approaches to the study of customer behaviour in Russia
N.V. Dozortceva

Abstract: The article rates evolution of relationship between sellers and customers in Russia at the close of XX century and at the beginning of XXI century. The study is performed with the help of main marketing conceptions. The main aim of the article is consideration of evolution of approaches to the study of consumer behavior in Russia. The subject of the article is relevant, because Russian marketing is actively developing, and the knowledge of stages, which it has gone during it`s evolution, is the base for efficient doing business in current terms. The subject of the article is new, because in recent years Russian market of customer formed, and that`s why the knowledge of approaches to the study of consumer behavior is important for efficient doing business.
Key words: marketing, marketing conceptions, consumer, seller, study of consumer behavior, USSR, Russia.


Troubles of market segmentation techniques classification
Yaroslavl branch of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
A.P. Karasyov

Abstract: The paper concerns the trouble of market segmentation techniques classification. The main conclusion of the paper is the absence of unified classification of market segmentation techniques. This situation results the decreasing effectiveness of segmentation techniques usage and abandons all advantages of segmentation ideas. A number of classifications suggested by Russian and foreign scientists have been analyzed and author’s classification has been suggested. The new author’s classification gives an opportunity to point out advantages and disadvantages of each old classification.
Key words: market segmentation, segmentation criterion, segmentation techniques, classification, automatic interactive detection, clustering analysis.


Problems and perspectives of communication in Civil Aviation
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
O.V. Kolesnikova

Abstract: The article includes analyze of problems in small aircraft, how to ensure them navigation equipment, problems of conditions of personnel staff. This article includes considering the funding from the budget of Civil Aviation, borrowing runways and flight personnel retraining, automatic broadcasts organization and operational aeronautical information about navigation aids and airfields with existing communication channels. Communication links between the various users of information.
Key words: Small aircrafts, airport, air routes, airmen, planes, traffic, Global Navigation Satellite System, budgetary financing, content, modernization, development of airdrome infrastructure.


Gain factor in the formation of positioning strategy of companies
Lomonosov Moscow State University
А.М. Chernikov,
О.М. Zavalovich

Abstract: Considered content positioning, revealed its key elements and their relationships, basic positioning function, importance ranking grounded at different stages of the company’s strategy is a sequence of steps in the process of positioning, as well as an approach to its formation in the company in business markets.
Key words: the company’s strategy, positioning, marketing, target audience, business markets.


Making of complex marketing decisions in crisis conditions
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
Ya. V. Chupina

Abstract: This article is devoted to the marketing decision-making problem within the crisis management. This issue is also as essential for the new economy, as poor developed in the Russian and international economic science. The article includes description of arising problems during the process of designing management decisions in crisis and states existing methods and algorithms for integrated management of anti-crisis solutions. The peculiarities of aims of marketing decisions within stable and unstable economic systems are described. The increasing importance of marketing hysteresis effect and the conditions leading to possibility of its existence are observed.
Key words: crisis, marketing decisions, unstable systems, marketing-mix, marketing hysteresis.



Innovations in marketing activity of organizations
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
S.V. Karpova

Abstract: Defined stages, justifying the value of unique offers in the benefits of the market and increase profits. It is shown that companies have two basic options when searching for new business areas is sustainable and disruptive innovation.
Key words: unique idea, unique technology, the market for unique offers, disruptive innovations, sustaining innovations.


Marketing technologies as a tool for output new product on market
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
I.M. Sinyaeva

Abstract: This article reveals the content of marketing technology as an essential tool for the commercialization of new products with the release of the purpose and objectives. The paper presented in a logical sequence of the market trends and patterns of innovation, organizational forms of innovation management and maintenance of the innovative project startup. Noteworthy summary of new items commercialization stages of the algorithm, which is presented in the article.
Key words: market, innovation, commercialization, marketing technology, test marketing.


Marketing aspects of commercialization the investment projects in the R&D market
Russian state professional pedagogical University
A.D. Denisov,
V.A. Shaposhnikov,
L.N. Bondareva,
Ural State Mining University
A.V. Namyatov

Abstract: The purpose of research: to identify problem of commercialization the investment projects in modern Russian by the marketing. The novelty of research: we believe that in the process of investment projects pay insufficient attention to pre-stage. We decide that the marketing should be the leading direction on this stage. The article describes the features of commercialization investment projects in industrial countries by the example of R&D market. Presented the interpretation of the basic ways to overcome risks of investing, to consider approaches for minimization the negative consequences from risks.
Key words: Marketing, investment projects, R&D market, managing risk when investing, minimization the negative consequences from risks.


The infl uence of product constituent for economic clusters grocering
JSC “Centre of marketing”
V.V. Motorzhin

Abstract: The article discusses the specific features of developing the innovative economic cluster based on the principles of trade and technology. The term of key competence for technological cluster is introduced, and the technological cluster in terms of service economy is considered.
Key words: technology cluster, innovation, competence center.

The innovative direction in development of industrial marketing
Bryansk state University named after academician I. G. Petrovskii
M.A. Muravyeva,
V.V. Silaeva,
O.G. Nazarova

Abstract: Article is devoted to production and consumption research wood pellets as to one of ways of innovative development of timber processing complex. Wood pellets – real alternative to fossil types of fuel as according to the calorific characteristics don’t concede to them, and their ecological parameters out of competition. Now there is an increase in use of wood waste and low-grade wood in production of thermal energy abroad. Production wood pellets in Russia only starts developing, and market capacity constantly grows. It is necessary to send efforts of the Russian businessmen to the sphere of deep processing of wood waste, to stimulate investors to finance similar projects.
Key words: Innovative development, power policy, wood pellets, investors, ecology, biofuel, bio-energetics, greenhouse effect, competition, demand, export.


Co-branding technologies in the age of innovatoin
The Liberal Arts University (Ekaterinburg)
N.V. Hmelkova

Abstract: Co-branding – new technology of development brands is considered. The author’s view on the role of co-branding in the age of innovation and examples of international co-branding alliances are presented.
Key words: co-branding, strategic marketing alliance, innovation, brand, branding



Logistics of outsourcing services – key element of merchantability
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
V.V. Sinyaev

Abstract: The article reveals the specific of structure of outsourcing service market, its performance and the major players. The article highlights the benefits of outsourcing opportunities with respect to the corporate allocation of the basic criteria for selection of outsourcer. The article shows the benefits of outsourcing with an illustration of organizational – methodical model study outsourcing logistics services.
Key words: logistics services, outsourcing, the outsourcer, provider control, principles, model, cross-docking.


The method of solving problems in transport logistics with using the nonlinear transport model
Kemerovo Institute (branch) of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics
M.A. Anisova,
Ye.I. Kharlampenkov

Abstract: Decrease in expenses for transportation of goods and, as a result, increase of competitiveness of the enterprise, is an actual problem of transport logistics. We consider the problem of drawing up plans of transportations of clients (Nash equilibrium). Transportation tariffs depend linearly on total volumes of transportations of all clients. Electric networks, pipeline systems, railway transport can serve as an application of this model.
Key words: nonlinear transport model; logistics; optimization of transport; tariffs; Nash equilibrium; quadratic programming.



Modern approaches to relationship marketing and CRM-systems
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
I.V. Rozhkov