Issue 3/2014 (Special Issue)


Specific features of building marketing strategy in transregional corporations in Russia
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
T.P. Rozanova
Y.N. Ivanova

Abstract: The article is dedicated to the building of marketing strategy in Russian transregional corporations (TRC) when entering Russian regional markets. It studies the motives of regional expansion, specific features of TRC competition, principles of regional markets analyses, forming product, assortment range and price policy, building the sales network in regions. It also discovers the mistakes of TRCs, when planning regional expansion and suggests recommendations on correcting their marketing strategies. The results of research, performed in this article can be used in any large corporation, Russian of international, which plans regional expansion.
Key words: marketing strategy, regional expansion, assortment range, price policy, product policy, regional sales network.


Investment appeal of rural territories in the north-east of Russia
North-Eastern Federal University named after MK Ammosova, Yakutsk
N. Yu. Bagayeva
N. Yu. Ivanov

Abstract: Article is devoted to a problem of investment appeal of rural territories. Now very difficult is northeast regions, remoteness from which mass market nonpluses the majority of investment undertakings.
Key words: investments, agrarian question, diversification, northeast region, minerals, plaster.


Foreign direct investments in the economy of the country as an parameter of marketing attractiveness of the territory
Branch of Kemerovo State University, Anzhero- Sudjensk
N.V. Kolodeshnikova

Abstract: This article is devoted to consideration of question marketing attractiveness of the territory. One of the parameter of this attractiveness marked direct foreign investments in the economy of the country. The paper analyzes the situation with the amount and geography of direct foreign investments in the Russian economy.
Key words: foreign direct investment, marketing attractiveness of the territory, marketing approach.


Update of valuation methods of international direct mail given the characteristics of CIS
Ryazan State Radio Engineering University, Ryazan
V.V. Motorzhin
JSC “Centre of marketing”
A.A. Tsvetkov

Abstract: We present an analysis of the methods suggested by Professor of M nster Marketing Institute Manfred Krafft for the assessment of the international direct mail. The analysis includes consideration of the relevance of parameters used in the studies in Western Europe, Asia and the Pacific, and their applicability to assess the situation in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. With the help of mathematical statistics obtained characteristics of reliability studies on the example of Germany and China. According to the analysis we proposed adjustments that improve the information content and reliability of the data, taking into account the peculiarities countries of the Commonwealth and we have argued the necessity of building an effective methodology for assessing international marketing communications in the CIS and gave examples of using the of the Russian Federation.
Key words: direct mail, marketing, research, consumer market.


The estimation procedure of the utilization of a regional marketing capability
Omsk State Transport University, Omsk
T.N. Tselykh

Abstract: The problem of the marketing potential of the system is of current importance. The estimation procedure of marketing potential of the region is developed. Target groups or basic groups of territory consumers are suggested to be used as main factor. An attempt to determine the elements of the marketing process, the structure and the original version of the dynamic criterion is made.
Key words: societal marketing, territory consumers, marketing process, marketing potential, dynamic criterion, level of the utilization of a regional marketing capability.


Marketing regional management and spatial planning
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
Yu.N. Shed’ko

Abstract: This article examines marketing as part of regional management and spatial planning. Analyzes the methodological framework of the marketing mechanism in terms of orientation for innovative development in the region. Identified promising tools, organizational and economic solutions are used in the marketing mechanism.
Key words: regional management, spatial planning, marketing mechanism, marketing tools territory.



An estimation of competitiveness of integrated formations in the agrarian and industrial sector of Mari El Republic
Mari State University, Yoshkar-Ola
A.E. Mamaev
N.P. Shoshina
V.E. Mamaeva

Abstract: The article gives an estimation of competitiveness of integrated formations in the agrarian and industrial sector, taking into account the specifics of their functioning. Having considered different methods of an estimation of competitiveness of the enterprise, we concluded that these methods take into account the competitiveness of individual enterprises and do not fully consider the competitiveness of the integrated formation on the whole. As you know, depending on the form of integrated formation in the agrarian and industrial sector this structure includes several enterprises or integrated formation may be one of the economic entity. This estimation allows to determine the position of integrated formations in the agrarian and industrial sector among competitors, identify factors influencing on competitiveness and propose directions of increasing competitiveness of integrated formations in the agrarian and industrial sector.
Key words: competitiveness, factors of competitiveness, complex parameters of competitiveness, integrated formations in the agrarian and industrial sector.


Mortgage lending in agriculture: market outlook today and tomorrow
State University of Land Management, Moscow
G.St. Osipov

Abstract: Article reflects sense and value of a mortgage for a rural level of development. Relationship of cause and effect of a problem which needs to be solved by use of the mortgage mechanism is comprehended.
Key words: economic, AIC, mortgages, bancs, agriculture.


Agromarketing – features in development
Yakutsk State Agricultural Academy, Yakutsk
G.A. Semenova
State University of Land Management, Moscow
N.Yu Ivanov

Abstract: The problem of development agromarketing has the sources since there was a marketing in Russia. The first attempts to duplicate theoretical and practical aspects of the western model of marketing development to anything good didn’t lead. Therefore, the special teoretiko-practical bases of agromarketing is necessary.
Key words: marketing, agrarian sector, delusions and mistakes, North efficiency, agrarian business, innovations.



The problem of increase of lending activity of commercial banks in a region with using of marketing techniques
Russian State University of Tourism and Service, Moscow region.
V.G. Amosоv
E.A. Sazonova
N.A. Milosenko

Abstract: The aim: to analyze and assess the possibilities of marketing techniques for increase the lending activity of commercial banks.
The novelty: the most of Russian regional commercial banks, non-bank finance and credit institutions and other nonfinancial organizations offer identical services, what inevitably leads to stronger competition and influences on the level of their yield. These and other aspects generate a need for implementation of the bank marketing as an integrated system.
The urgency of the research is the bank marketing as a process and as an element of management is actively used in the system of market relations. Moreover, it works towards to the rational decision of multiform problems. Problems of positioning and functioning of regional commercial banks in the modern conditions are determined by political, economic, technical, socio-cultural, informational, technological and innovative development factors.
Key words: financial policy of the state, lending activity, lenders, liquidity stocks, marketing techniques, regional bank.


The development of bank marketing
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
I.S. Zacharov

Abstract: Defines the role of information and communication technologies (ICT) in development of financial institutions, enabling them to move to electronic banking. Disclosed modern direction of development of Bank marketing through the use of banks of social networks in the Internet
Key words: information and communication technologies, e-banking, mobile banking, crowdsourcing social media marketing.



Modeling of educational services, as the basis of the sales activities of marketing
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
I.A. Firsova

Abstract: Modeling of educational services, as the basis of the sales activities of marketing The article considers marketing activities on the market of educational services. The emphasis is on the modeling of educational services, which has a certain technological chain. The author proposes the main stages of the modeling techniques of educational services.
Key words: marketing of educational services, modeling educational services, integrated marketing activities.


Features of marketing interaction of the labor market and the market of educational services based on social partnership
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
M.V. Korovushkina
I.A. Firsova

Abstract: Marketing concept of the interaction of labor market and the market of educational services based on social partnership of higher education institution and employer is described. New approach of higher education institutions to attract consumers using social networks is proposed.
Key words: marketing of educational services, social partnership, social networks


Interaction marketing as instrument of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION’s sustainable development providing
Lomonosov Moscow State University
M.V. Markova

Abstract: This article focuses on the adaptation of universities to market conditions and the role of interaction marketing in this process. This article discusses factors of the market potential of the university to ensure its sustainable development in the long term. Application of methods and tools of interaction marketing is a condition of creating a positive image of the university in the education market and among employer companies. At the same time marketing functions should not be concentrated in any particular unit of the university, but must be performed by employees of different departments responsible for different functional areas.
Key words: interaction marketing, sustainable development, high school, educational services, employer companies.



Analysis of information security in health care
Ryazan State Radio Engineering University, Ryazan
M.G. Ponomareva

Abstract: Article describes the topics of prevention of confidential information in health care, makes the analysis of requirements of information security in medical information systems, gives recommendations to ensure the security of protected data in the integration process of segments of Global State medical information system.
Key words: Information security, confidential information, personal data, medicine, health care, Global State medical information system, analysis of principles.


Recommendations on the choice of corporate information systems and software in the management of marketing activity of the state universities of the Ural region
Magnitogorsk State Technical University named after GI Nosov, Magnitogorsk
S.V. Sysoeva
E.G. Zinovieva
T.I. Kuchmiy

Abstract: In this article the urgency of marketing activity of universities in General, and provides recommendations on the selection and application possibilities using of its means of Informatization.
Key words: marketing management of universities, the elements of the marketing system, Informatization of the marketing activities, the corporate information system (CIS), software products (SP), software


Application of internet-marketing tools on fi nancial market
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
A.O. Tikhomirov

Abstract: Most perspective, up to my mind, instruments of marketing, used by financial organizations and examples of their application are considered in this work.
Key words: CRM, SMM, internet, acquiring, marketing, technologies.



Competitive strategy of small and medium business in the conditions of uncertainty
North-Eastern Federal University named after MK Ammosova, Yakutsk
D.P. Lavrova
State University of Land Management, Moscow
N. Yu. Ivanov

Abstract: The present article reflects formality and functionality of small and medium business. In abstract aspect the world outlook assessment of a choice of competitive strategy in the conditions of uncertainty for small and medium business is offered.
Key words: competition, strategy, small enterprise, medium business.


Some features of the strategy of development of small business
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
N.F. Soldatova

Abstract: The consumer sector is leading in the economic structure of Russia, but its economical development is irregularly and cyclic.
Key words: innovation priorities, modernization of the economy, the consumer sector.


Development of interaction of internal divisions companies based marketing approach
Lomonosov Moscow State University
A.V. Chernikov
Institute of Business, psychology and management, Khimki
Yu.P. Chernyatovich

Abstract: Describes the concept of the use of intra-enterprise environment (UPU) in an industrial plant, considered rationale for the use of the internal mechanisms of the Arbitration Commission to create the conditions reconciling the interests of owners, management and staff.
Key words: domestic consumer, intra-enterprise environment, an in-house civil society, intra Arbitration Commission.


Marketing possibilities of the alcoholic beverage industry enterprises’ sales stimulation in modern conditions
Kemerovo Technological Institute of Food Industry, Kemerovo
V.G., Shadrin
M.A. Shemchuk
T.V. Naumova

Abstract: Objective: the purpose of the study is to identify the opportunities to promote sales of highly alcoholic drinks in the conditions of legislative limits. The novelty of the study in the practical recommendations for stimulating alcoholic sales and their novelty for the Kuzbass market. The article deals with the current problems and the existing limits in the advertising of alcoholic production in the conditions when producers have to compete between each other because of the saturation of the modern market with variety trademarks. The results of marketing research of consumer preferences of alcoholic drinks in Kemerovo have been presented. On the basis of these results it is proposed to focus on the up-to-date market opportunities for sales promoting , primarily in the field of merchandising and interactive technologies.
Key words: marketing, sales promotion, merchandising, advertising, alcohol, consumer preferences.



Internet marketing technologies improvement: key problems and decisions (review of foreign magazines)
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
I.V. Rozhkov